Price list for Names, Letters and Illustrations

OPTIONS in inches



Personalised hand-drawn name 16” x 20” 



Print of name 12 x” 16″  

€165 €140

Personalised hand-drawn name 10″x 12″   

€145 €120

Print of name 12″x16″  

€80 €50

Print of name 10″ x 12″   

€60 €35

Personalised hand-drawn letter 10″x10″

€80 €60

Print of letter 10″ x 10″

€55 €35

Hand-drawn illustration Print 10″ x 10″    

€60 €35

2015-01-20_lif_6210424_i1I will draw your little ones, designed around their name with their favorite cuddly toy. Their full name or Initial, originals and prints available in mounts and professionally framed.I also offer very cute prints of my illustrations of babies and children mounted and framed.

Stella Kearns



This is 16cm x 20cm and is largest frame you can order.

This is a sample of 16″ x 20″ and is the largest frame you can order.

 Photograph 10” x 12”

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