Peace line art- Everything around you is absorbing peace

All drawings are hand-drawn then reproduced on high-quality, textured paper.

Frames used are high-quality professional frames. 

Line art with 3 intentions for peace. These designs were created with 3 intentions for peace, the idea is to pause for peace in a meditative state. The artwork can be placed in a space that draws your intention for peace.

In this peace meditation, our intention is to bring together as many hearts as possible each

night at 9pm to support people in creating the conditions for peace within themselves,

while also radiating out that feeling of peace and universal love. This meditation can be

understood as a means of visualising and ultimately of manifesting peace. When we come

together as a group like this, we create a synergy – a heart-mind field to positively change the

collective consciousness.

These peace line art prints make a very beautiful and unique gift.


Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and are based on destination.

Dispatch is within 7 – 14 working days depending on whether the order is personalised, and if it is a print or an original drawing. Once the item is ready it is then professionally framed (if framed option is chosen). Delivery time from dispatch is 1-4 working days within ROI.


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